Best Things I Got On Amazon

Grip Jar Opener

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Art of the Arm by DJ Lynn

Living by yourself with broken parts presents a lot of problems. One of the biggest was opening things. I purchased quite a few things on Amazon but this under the cabinet jar opener was the best. Everyone needs one of these even if you don’t have a broken arm. The best part was, I installed it myself with one hand!

I discovered with this type of injury that they don’t want you in the splint that long. They want you out and moving the arm as much as possible – slowly of course. So there were things I thought I would need for the long haul – several months for instance – that I only needed for a couple weeks.

Bought but didn’t need – returned

  • Forget it… Any over-the-arm plastic thing to protect your splint or cast for showering. I tried several and what worked best was a trash bag and duct tape (I bought a colorful one – thought it might cheer me up).

Bought and used!

Shower chair-A must but you’re going to need someone else to put it together. It’s not hard but it requires two hands. I liked the one with the back and the arms. This one is height adjustable and has nonslip feet. I used this for over four months because it just made me feel more secure.

You’ll also need some additional stretch bandages. I like the 3 inch ones –  I just found them easier to wrap on by myself. You’ll also need cotton padding to pad your arm because that fiberglass gets itchy. 

I needed extra bed pillows because I was afraid I’d fall off the bed, ridiculous I know. I also found small pillows to support my arm and elbow on the couch or at my desk. Your injury may not require them but I found I needed them all the time for sleeping, sitting at my computer, for anything. The multiple injuries in my elbow and arm required a lot of metal that had weird shapes. It felt as if a monkey with sharp fingernails was clinging to the back of my arm. And with the nerve damage, my arm did not sit well. Setting my arm down felt like putting it on sandpaper. Anything that touched the back of my arm had to be super soft. And I also needed a night light. Suddenly I was afraid of – everything.

Can Opener- It Works!
back scratcher
Back scratcher
After surgery essentials shower chair
Shower Chair
Cell Phone Stand
Tray Table
Jar / Bottle Opener
After surgery essentials wireless headset
Bluetooth Headset
Pillows - Lots!
Arm Sling
Therapy putty
Therapy Putty
Calming moon night light
Calming Night Light
Shiatsu Back and Neck Massager

The TV tables were a lifesaver! I bought 3 in 2 different sizes. One for eating in front of the TV (yes, I did!), another for my computer, and one by the bed. I put them together myself (very easy) and use them all the time. One caution – wire them underneath (I used picture wire) to hold them steady. But if you do that you can’t really fold them down to put away. But if you have broken parts, you probably don’t need to do that for now. 

I also set up my computers for speech dictation in MS Office (in Gmail, too) and it works surprisingly well without a headset – but much better with one.

Since I had a lot of damage to my elbow and the ulnar nerve, my fingers didn’t work very well for quite a while. I am still struggling with ROM. I found this headset to be inexpensive and work really well. I tested it while almost whispering and it picked up accurately into Word and PowerPoint. Get a wireless one!

OMRON Complete™ Wireless Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor + EKG