Heal Faster. Feel Better.

Thanks for downloading my eBook:  Heal Faster. Feel Better. I’m going to guess that you or someone you know has some sort of arm or elbow injury or condition. I can empathize. That’s why I wrote the book and started this website. After a terrible fall and two surgeries, I have a permanently disabled arm and elbow that barely moves.  If you’re interested, you can read the details in the BLOG category MY STORY – FIRST POST.

I spent quite a bit of time online researching because I’m one of those people who wants to know the details and get an honest assessment of the long-term issues.

I think doctors need to be transparent and thoroughly assess the pros, cons and timing of additional surgery. Had that been done in my case, my arm would not be nearly as bad as it is today – permanently much worse. More about thoughts in one of my posts​.​

I hope the book is helpful and brings you or your friend comfort. I hope you continue to follow my website. I email a newsletter once a month and write new posts every week (I’ve learned to type with one hand and use voice recognition now).

I’m happy to answer questions and offer support, so send me a message just to say hello, share your experience, or offer a suggestion.

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About Me And This Website

This is me –and my nice left elbow. It was a while ago but back when I had a left arm and elbow that would accommodate my love of rafting, skiing, and hiking. Now, I’m afraid to walk outside.

Spent most of my life in technology executive marketing and owning a public relations company and now, a business consultant and writer (more at debbilynn.com or leavingmadmen.com). Then in 2020, I shattered my arm in a fall. After spending the better part of two months laying on the couch depressed, I started this website as I tried to understand the various stages of my arm injury short and long term, as well as get a grip on my mental health and anger. After all, it’s just an arm, right?